ROW80 Update 7 + Grammar Song

Time for a ROW80 update! You can find my new set of goals here. I like the new post format since the reboot: updates only on Sundays and always with something else.

One of the extra offerings today is a witty video that my friend, author Martina Dalton, showed to us on our last critique meeting. The smart and talented girl in the video is the daughter of a friend of Martina’s. We need more kids like her.

Writing goals:

  1. Write 2,500 words/week. 3,329 words distributed among several projects.
  2. Outline of BLUE #2. Some progress, but not much.
  3. Outline of CRIMSON. Ditto.
  4. Re-write career plan. I got a little behind on my online class.

Social Media goals:

  1. Blog schedule: 1-2 posts/week, plus ROW80 updates on Sundays. Done!
  2. Create a stash of blog topics and blog posts. I had some ideas, but I need to write them down.
  3. Support fellow writers. Good, but not great. At least I did a little to help promote August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman blogfest. More about that below.

Personal goals:

  1. Exercise at least 4 times a week (at least 2 runs and 2 workouts). Ran twice, worked out once. Since I did an extra workout last week, I’ll give myself a green :-)
  2. Study/Research at least 2 hours/week. I did it!
  3. Read every day. This didn’t go well. Basically, blogs have replaced books. Still trying to find some balance here.

Quick summary: a productive week. I completed two side projects related to my WIPs, wrote, exercised, blogged, promoted, and commented. It could have been worse :-)

 * * *

The Beauty of a Woman blogfest is August McLaughlin’s brainchild, and I’m re-posting the links to the wonderful blog posts. Please take the time to read at least a few of them.

Congrats to all the bloggers who contributed to this celebration!

Thanks for the support.

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43 comments on “ROW80 Update 7 + Grammar Song

  1. Julie

    You are rocking your goals Fabio! And I think it’s amazing that you re-posted all of the BOAW posts. There are some stunning posts in there – life-changing posts in fact.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Yes, the BOAW post are insightful, real, and beautiful. I haven’t read all of them yet, though. Need more time!
      Thanks for stopping by, Julie!

  2. Juliana Haygert

    I think I already said this, but I love your color coding 😉
    I’m glad to see mostly green! A very productive week, indeed!
    Have a nice week 😉

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Juliana. The green scenery lifts my spirits :-)
      And congrats on your great news! Welcome back!

  3. susielindau

    Fabio! Thank you for including me!
    #3. Reading I can relate to. I am in a book club and have been most negligent. If I do get a chance, I have a list of my friend’s books and some in the genre I am writing in that would rather read!
    Enjoy your Sunday and keep up the great work!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Hi, Susie! The blogs are very interesting, but I need to remind myself that books are people too :-)

  4. Kristy K. James...Living, Loving, Laughing

    You’re doing great, Fabio! When you figure out how to balance everything, PLEASE let us all know how you did it so we can follow your example.

    Love the video! I think it should be mandatory viewing for anyone with a cell phone or FB account! :)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Kristy! Balance is key. Considering where I am now, I believe that if I improve a little bit everyday, in 212 years I’ll achieve balance…

  5. gingercalem

    Great week and may I add … Rock On Makayla!!! I couldn’t agree more with about spelling and grammar, even in Texts!! Not only that, she’s adorable, talented and is bursting with beautiful personality!

  6. Debra Kristi

    What a great video! Her presentation is fabulous. You’re doing pretty great on your goals Fabio. Keep plugging away at them. :) My week hasn’t been all that productive so you’re kicking my butt. LOL

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Debra. I’ll try to reserve 30 minutes every night for books. I need to read!

  7. Karen Rought

    That grammar song was just beautiful! She has a great voice and it was actually really catchy. Pass that along to her, if you get a chance! It was super funny, too.

    Great job on your goals! I love your color coding format – it’s a great way to quickly see how you’ve done each week.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Karen! I’ll pass your compliments along to my friend Martina, who knows the singer.
      I like your new picture, by the way.

      1. Karen Rought

        Thank you!! I have Debra (Kristi) to thank for pushing me to just throw myself out into the world. I’ve had a lot of positive reactions, and it’s always nice to hear those sorts of compliments. :)

  8. Emma Burcart

    I think we’re all trying to figure out how to balance social media and writing so that writing gets the time it deserves in our lives.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Exactly, Emma. I’ve read that we need to close facebook, twitter, and tweetdeck while writing (easyly said than done, BTW).
      Have you tried it? I can’t do it…
      Hey, I Liked your facebook author page!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Marcia. And I’m sorry, your wordpress blog doesn’t let me log in and comment. It’s happening to a handful of blogs only, and I feel horrible about it. Alicia mentioned I could use gravatar to log in, and I’ll try that this week.

  9. Melinda VanLone

    Yeah I hear that on the balance between blogs and book reading. It’s hard to keep up with it all. But kudos to you, you did a great job this week! Words done and exercise! and I LOVE the song!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I’m so happy with the goals, Melinda! Thank you for your support. I loved the song too.

  10. Karen McFarland

    Wow Fabio, you’re doing great with your goals. And as always, one of the best supporters of our group! You inspire us all!

    Would it help to know that I am also behind on Bob’s class. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help okay?

    Have a great week Fabio! :)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Hi, Karen! Thanks for the kind words and for the offer.
      Yes, I’m behind on the lessons too. I’ll try to catch up this week.
      I’ve read you had a busy time this week. Good luck next week, and count on us!

  11. Natalie Hartford

    FANtastic week Fabio. I am so impressed and a little jealous at your incredible productivity! Here’s to continued weeks like that…you are a rockstar!! Woot woot!!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Natalie. I’ve had two productive weeks after two lazy weeks, so I thinkit all averages out :-)
      Thanks for the visits!

  12. Sheila Seabrook

    Awesome week, Fabio! I’ve been struggling with the same reading issue as you mentioned in your post. Reading blogs instead of books. Both are fun, but we do need our book time, don’t we? :)

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Hi, Sheila! We all need to set aside some time and read books. I added it as one of my goals, and I still can’t add it to my schedule. So weird.

  13. Angela Orlowski-Peart

    You are so busy all the time with the kids, work out, writing, research etc. but you ALWAYS come ahead of the game. You are such a great inspiration to all of us! I feel so privileged to be your critique group partner.

    August’s blogfest is just fabulous, isn’t it? :-)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      The privilege is mine, Angela! And you are my inspiration: always remember, it was you who introduced me to WANA and ROW80. I can’t thank you enough. And I’ll never forget it.

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