ROW80 Update 11 + What’s Cooking

Time for a ROW80 update! You can find my new set of goals here. I like the new post format since the reboot: updates only on Sundays and always with a little something else.

Round 1 of 2012 ROW80 ends on March 22nd. This is the second to last update.

 * * *

Writing goals:

  1. Write 2,500 words/week. Barely.
  2. Outline of CRIMSON. Some work done, but the outline didn’t advance as much as it should…
  3. Re-write career plan. Doing it offline.

Social Media goals:

  1. Blog schedule: 1-2 posts/week, plus ROW80 updates on Sundays. Nailed it!
  2. Create a stash of blog topics and blog posts. One blog post.
  3. Support fellow writers. Many blogs, comments, follows, likes, RT’s, shares, and votes this week. Kind of proud of myself :-)

Personal goals:

  1. Exercise at least 4 times a week (at least 2 runs and 2 workouts).Two okay workouts and one easy run.
  2. Study/Research at least 2 hours/week. Did very well on this one.
  3. Read every day I didn’t read books at all.

Thanks for all your support!

 * * *

This week I have a thematic mash-up. It’s all about food, health, nutrition, and cooking. Call it the mash-up-post-atoes. *laughs uproariously—alone* Er… Hm. *crickets chirping* Okay, sorry about that.

Anyway, here are the folks who know what’s cooking:

Carlos experiments with ingredients and recipes from all over the world.

Kara is a conflicted chef who adds her own twist to create even healthier dishes.

August vouches for carbs–they’re not evil!

Ginger leads a program called WritersButt (it’s applicable to anyone’s butt, really) that includes nutrition tips and workouts.

Karen tells us about the sexiest vegetable. Yes, sexiest. Yes, only Karen.

Coleen talks about food memories.

Kate Wood teaches about St. Patrick’s treats.

How was your week? Are you planning on participating in the second round of ROW80?

Have a great week!


32 comments on “ROW80 Update 11 + What’s Cooking

  1. sheilapierson

    Great job on all your goals, but also delightful links you shared with us. I really enjoyed the “Sexy Vegetable” link – I learned so much!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Sheila, the sexiest vegetable story is so fun and informative, isn’t it? That Karen McFarland has a one of a kind mind.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. crubin

    I’m a troll when it comes to these writing challenges–I don’t take them myself, but I enjoy reading about those who do. Guess you can say I live vicariously through the more ambitious. :) Enjoyed the links to the health and nutrition blogs. Thanks for posting them.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I’m so glad to have you visiting, Carrie. If you’re unsure about it, maybe you could take one of these challenges “secretly.” :-) A rehearsal. At first, I was concerned about sharing my goals and progress. I did it for two weeks by myself so I could see if it was for me. I have no idea if that applies to your situation, but I thought I’d share.
      Have a great week!

  3. Jennifer

    Hi, Fabio. Looks like you’ve done great with this, and I’ve enjoyed following it. I’ve had a pretty good writing week, but I think I’m going to take the plunge and join you (and a few other WANAs) in Round 2. My dad’s situation is taking a lot of my time/thoughts, and will continue to do so, but last night I set some goals for the year and I need some structure to help me meet them.

    At the beginning of this post, you said you liked it since the reboot and you only had to post on Sundays. Is the ROW structure changing, or is this just you? I’ve noticed a few others only do Sundays, which would be awesome for me.

    Good luck with Round 2, and thanks for the example!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      That’s great, Jennifer! I’d love to have you join in. You can set up modest goals to start the challenge, and see what works best for you. The challenge claims to be the one “that knows you have a life.” :-) Use that.
      People usually post updates on Thursdays and Sundays, but I (some others participants too) felt more comfortable posting only once a week. I think in terms of week units, and I didn’t want to overload me (or the readers) with constant updates.
      Bottom line is, the challenge is totally flexible. Make it work fo ryou. We’ll be here cheering you on! :-)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks! I’ve tried to comment on your blog, but for some reason wordpress doesn’t let me (it’s been happening quite a lot with a few blogs). I’ll leave a comment on facebook instead.

  4. Ginger Calem

    Oh Fabio … thanks so much for the shout out. I appreciate it. You did great on your goals. I love how organized you are with them. My goal is to jump on the ROW80 in the next round. Looking forward to the party!

    Yep–isn’t Karen awesome. I have two HUGE bunches of organic sexy kale in my fridge right now. :)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Glad you’re going to join us, Ginger!
      I really admire the WritersButt program. You rock!

  5. Emma Burcart

    I love the idea of a theme-based mash-up along with your ROW80 update! What a great idea and what a great group of links! I’m going to buy some kale today and going ot start my Ginger-inspired workouts tomorrow!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I’m glad you like it, Emma! I try to include mashups, videos, and other news so the update is not only about me and my goals (I’m not that comfortable talking about myself). :-)
      Kale is definitely in the shopping list now…

    2. Ginger Calem

      Emma — let me know how it goes and don’t hesitate to ask questions or whatever. Cheering you on! :)

  6. August McLaughlin

    Aw… Great post, Fabio. Mashup-post-atoes?!? ROFL. (Add me to the chorus of crickets. ;))

    I’m so honored by the mention! Looks like I have two foodie blogging pals to meet—Kara and Carlos— thanks to you. Keep up the awesome work and thanks back at ya for your continual support.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I saw your post about gluten-free foods. I wish I could have included it in this mashup. Maybe in the next :-)
      Thanks for the comment, August!

  7. Coleen Patrick

    Thanks for including me Fabio! :) I’m honored!
    And continued success on your goals!!

  8. Kara Flathouse

    Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me. I am so honored!! I am inspired by your goals and all you’ve done. I’m going to make a list for myself this week. My youngest has a fever and stomach bug, so we’ll see how much I can get done:)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Maybe you could join us for the second round of ROW80? It starts on April 2nd.
      Glad you stopped by, Kara!

  9. Patricia

    Good luck on your goals, Fabio and thanks for the mash-up. Going to go check out Karen’s sexy vegetables. Who knew?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  10. Karen McFarland

    Okay Fabio, this is a test comment. Trying to work the bugs out. Thanks my friend! :)

  11. Jennette Powell (@jenmariepowell)

    You’ve done a great job, Fabio! Sometimes when we’re busy with the other stuff, the reading gets put on hold. The important thing is that you’ll get back to it eventually. Congrats on your progress, and see you in the next round!

  12. corajramos

    Great mash-up–I’m so hungry and ready to make some of those recipes on the Brazilian food blog!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I have tried some of Carlos’ dishes. They’re delicious! Have fun in your culinary adventure, Cora. And please come back and tell us about it.

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