ROW80 Round 1 Final Update Extravaganza

Time for the last ROW80 Round 1 update! You can find my set of goals here. Round 1 of 2012 ROW80 ends today, March 22nd. And the second round begins on April 2nd.

 * * *

First, the results.

Writing goals:

  1. Write 2,500 words/week. I ended up with 24,914 WIP words, a 1,430-word short story, and several blog posts. In three of the weeks, I didn’t write a word, though. I can write with noise and movement around, and I never have writer’s block; the problem in those unproductive weeks was my lack of energy.More about that below.
  2. Outline of CRIMSON. Great progress here. Only one major plot point to be resolved.
  3. Re-write career plan. I did well on Bob Mayer’s online course until halfway. Then life got in the way. I’m determined to complete it offline, though.

Social Media goals:

  1. Blog schedule: 1-2 posts/week, plus ROW80 updates on Sundays. I reached this goal almost every week! I managed to keep them short, except for two or three of them (including this one) that called for longer texts.
  2. Create a stash of blog topics and blog posts. One blog post ahead of schedule.
  3. Support fellow writers. Many blogs read, commented, liked, shared. Many authors RT’d, shared, voted for, and promoted. I did my best here. I just checked my blog comments spreadsheet: 292 comments in this period. Not bad.

Personal goals:

  1. Exercise at least 4 times a week (at least 2 runs and 2 workouts). I was doing really well, but stopped running recently. Got a couple of pounds. I’ll sign-up for a half-marathon as an incentive to get back on track.
  2. Study/Research at least 2 hours/week. After a bad start, I really gained some ground here. Happy with the results so far.
  3. Read books every day I read only three books.

Assessment: This was my first time participating in ROW80, and I loved it. Keeping track of words, workouts, and blog comments allowed me to assess my progress and fine-tune the goals. The support from friends of the blog was invaluable–my accomplishments are a direct result of your incentive. Thank you all!

What can be improved: I have always kept a log of my word count, so I know I can be more prolific with the same alloted time. I identified two main issues. The first is my lack of energy on some days. Maybe a better diet and a more disciplined exercise regimen will help. The second one is randomization. Working at the same time on the WIP, social media, research, blog posts, exercise, house chores, errands, and other time-consuming activities is not effective. The solution is to compartmentalize at least some of these tasks. I could reserve nights for blog hopping, Sundays for post writing, early mornings for workouts, and so on. I’ll try to create a (realistic)schedule.

Thank you all for your support!

 * * *

And now, the non-ROW80 update. During those 80 days, I did a few fun things:

I took two trapeze lessons. I went to the second one on Sunday, and I got to fly! There’s no video of the catch, but a video of the practice and a (bad) picture of the catch.

I took Wonder Wife to see The Fray at the Paramount. I love that theatre.

The dude even sang in the middle of the audience. Classy move.

I also went to John Green’s launch of “The Fault in Our Stars.” The line went around the mall. Got my copy signed and watched John and Hank Green’s performance. Nerdfighters are awesome!

They even have a tour bus!

Lovely gifts–both trees–from my son and from Wonder Wife. One is a stone tree:

Wonder Wife gave me a bamboo tree.

The best part: it wasn’t a special occasion! Don’t you love getting gifts “just because”?

What about you? How has your 2012 been so far?


25 comments on “ROW80 Round 1 Final Update Extravaganza

  1. sheilapierson

    Wonderful! Look at all you accomplished. I commented to another ROW80 participant that it points out exactly what a slacker I really am – lol. Wow – the trapeze adventure looks terrifying!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Hi, Sheila! I had to adjust the goals halfway through the round, otherwise I’d have failed my initial ambitious goals :-)
      The trapeze lesson is a little intimidating at first, but after a few tries, you just have fun. I recommend it!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Look who’s talking – the person who publishes six books in a year :-) Thank for your example and support throughout this round, Prudence!

  2. Eden

    It looks to me like your ROW was more success than anything else. I noticed a lot of us seemed to fade out during the middle of the round…. after holiday blah catching up with us maybe?

    Gifts “just because” are the best gifts. Great pictures and great stories… Sounds wonderful!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      You noticed that about the holiday too, Eden? I thought it was just me. I slipped into a funk during three of the weeks. Not writer’s block (because I knew what I had to write). I just had no energy. Weird.
      Thank you so much for stopping by–and for the wordsprint sessions! :-)

      1. Eden

        The “plummet” (I like that term… think I’ll use it later) hit a bunch of people. Michelle over at The Story Inside Me was just bemoaning her own failures, and I read Tia had one, and… So I’m blaming the holidays.

        And glad to do the wordsprints with you. They really have helped me. Hope that’s the same for you.

  3. Lena Corazon (@LenaCorazon)

    Fabio, you’ve done such a fabulous job. I’m also so impressed with how organized you are at keeping track of everything — so fantastic for figuring out how much you’ve gotten down.

    Sometimes I think our bodies, and our brains, just need to have a little break now and again. I know I’ve definitely had a inadvertent moments of downtime this round. Still, you’ve written an incredible about, and gotten tons of other stuff done.

    See you next round!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thank you, Lena! I read about your accomplishments yesterday–you did incredibly well!
      Now, to write down goals for round 2 :-)

  4. Debra Kristi

    Fantastic Fabio! You were rockin’ the Row80. I am proud of you. And I am totally thrilled for the trapeae lessons. Will you be using this experience in your writing?

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thanks, Debra! The trapeze time is actually one of the few moments when I’m not thinking about writing :-)
      But the combination of technique, focus, and (weirdly enough) relaxation required for the trapeze can be used for writing as well. You gave me an idea :-)

  5. Karen McFarland

    I just love your wonderful attitude Fabio! It jumps right off the page!

    You really R.O.C.K.E.D. the ROW on your first time out! Congrats! And you had fun besides!

    And yes, my favorite gifts are just because…they come from the heart. Love that!

    I can see that you’ll be still flying high into the next round Fabio. Can’t wait until April 2nd! :)

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Thnk you, Karen. I couldn’t have done it without your unwavering support.
      Gifts out of the blue are great :-)

  6. Raelyn Barclay

    Definitely more success than failure Fabio, way to go! And it looks like you’ve had awesome fun too. I’ll see you in round 2 :)

  7. Emma Burcart

    It seems like you accomplished a lot. I think that making a realistic schedule does really help. Your posts of your workout goals has been inspiring for me. That is the biggest area that I need to work on!

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I can assure you that adding the workout as a goal have helped me. In my case, the motivation behind many of the workouts was: “I can’t skip one; what will I write in the update?” :-) Accountability is key. And shame is too, I guess :-)

  8. Angela Orlowski-Peart

    You accomplished a lot during this round, Fabio. The goals were very impressive and I know you worked hard to stay on track. I can’t wait to read your short story!
    And if you come up with a good plan to handling all the stuff that you handle daily, please share with me – I could use such plan too.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      Angela, we missed you last night. I’ll send you the short story soon.
      Maybe I’ll post about the proposed schedule. I’d love to hear some ideas about it.

  9. Roy Street (@RoyStreet4)

    S’up Fabio. Very impressive. Wish I was as organized as you. Lately things have been overwhelming and draining. By the way thanks for the feedback on my zombie drawing. Got rid of it in a hurry. Went for something more fitting for our site. I’ll have to check in with you more often.

    1. Fabio Bueno

      I’m not that organized. I need lists and logs because I am disorganized, actually :-)
      I’m glad to have helped, even a little, Roy. Will you and Alicia be joining us in round 2?

      1. Alicia & Roy Street

        Due to some rather trying events over the last six weeks, we’re behind on everything with some crushing deadlines to meet. Round 2 simply does not fit at this time. But maybe we can hop on board later. Thanks.

  10. Jennette Marie Powell

    Congrats on getting tons done, Fabio! I sure can relate to the “not enough energy” and also the fragmented time. When I’m able to concentrate on one task at a time it helps. I’ll be interested in seeing how you do with that in the next round – and hopefully picking up a few more good habits in that area myself! Looking forward to Round 2! :)

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