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Fabio Bueno’s YAmondAY ~ Kick-Ass Heroines with Angela Brown

Angela Brown is the author of YA sensation Neverlove, the first book in the Shadow Jumpers series. She’s also our first YAmondAY guest of 2013!

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We’re nearing the end of January, the time for those New Year’s Resolutions to fizzle out and waste away. But they don’t have to. You can stick to them and become every bit of the kick-butt person you want to be.


Take Rileigh Martin in Katana by Cole Gibson. A teen skater girl is who she IS. A samurai warrior is who she WAS. When the two combined and clashed – bringing so much unwanted love and ninja drama to her life – Rileigh could choose to drown in the chaos that ensued or take the katana by the pommel and master it so she could become the master of her destiny. One thing was for sure, ninjas meant a whole lot of butt to kick along which ever path she chose.



The description for Robin Lafevers’ Grave Mercy started with, “Why be the sheep, when you can be the wolf?” THAT, my friends, forced my hand over to the Buy Now button. And I didn’t regret the decision.  Assassin nuns? Seriously, that just had kick-butt written all over it. And becoming one of Death’s handmaidens was no laughing matter. Wilting on the resolution wasn’t an option for those assassins-to-be. And following the story along as seventeen-year-old Ismae learned her tricks of the trade and put them to the test added intrigue and suspense.

This novel also reminded me that kicking butt wasn’t just about round house kicks, swords and daggers. It’s the art of navigating in-fighting and human pretenses as well.


Now, getting down to the grit of just kicking butt. No…kicking ass. I know, I know. That’s not putting it nicely. But ‘nice’ wasn’t how being a super hero was…not in real life. If you’ve seen the movie or read the Kickass comic(s) or paperback by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., then you know it included a darling little blonde with a very dirty mouth. She transformed to the purple wig-sporting heroine called Hit Girl with the killer skills to back up every filthy word she said…and then some.  The need for a cleaner mouth aside, this was graphic butt kicking. We’re talking broken bones, knife throwing, sliding-across-the-floor-while-shooting-someone’s-eye-out butt kicking. And *bows head in shame* I enjoyed watching every minute of this darling little thing take down brutes four times her size. Give up on a resolution? Not with the kind of training required to get half as kickass as this killer diva.

So before you make that final call of quits on your resolutions, think of grabbing one of these ‘cute but kick-butt too’ novels. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration you need to give that resolution a second chance so you can become the kick butt YOU that you want to be.

Angela BrownWild Cherry Pepsi addict, chocoholic, and sweetly, sassy single mom are just three of the many titles Angela Brown juggles. With the release of Neverlove, a dark YA novel that debuted in the fall of 2012, she’s proud to add published author to the list.  Haunt her at her blog, Partners in ParanormYA FB page, Untethered Realms, and shoot a tweet on Twitter.

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  1. Mary Pax

    It’s always great to find inspiration to keep up the fight. I love strong women.

  2. Julie Glover

    I’m always attracted to the kick-butt heroines in movies and TV too. Thanks for the recommendations. Grave Mercy looks especially intriguing!

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