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Young Adult writer, book lover, SCBWIer, family man, gamer, runner, sports fan, movie snob, coffee drinker, blogger, geek, engineer, x-men hopeful, daydreamer. I live near sunny Seattle, WA.

About You and Me
We’re all storytellers, but our journeys are different. Mine took me to many places, some wonderful and some sorrowful, until I realized that my childhood dream was indeed my true calling. (What are the odds?)

I write Young Adult novels because that’s what I read and love. In many ways, the teen in me never left. Even though I’m a family man, I must admit that romantic comedies and action movies, sci-fi and fantasy, gadgets, hard rock, sports, and games still make me giddy.

The Marvel movie trailers always give me goosebumps. Space cowboys and witches are my buddies. I’ve lived on Tamriel and on Tatooine. I’ve studied at Hogwarts and at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. I’ve dined at the Restaurant At The End of The Universe and at the houses of both Will Graysons. Armored polar bears play in my backyard.

Here I share some of these passions, and I invite you to share yours too. We can also discuss some of the mysteries of life–as long as they stay thoroughly unexplained.

Welcome! I look forward to our talks.