London Calling: London Kobo Book Signing

Join me for a book signing in London! Kobo and Kobo Writing Life have invited thirteen authors to take part in an author event in London. The event is FREE for readers, but you must register before April 17th. Click here to register. There will be a limited number of books...


January Reader Appreciation Event

It’s a new year! I’m looking forward to what 2015 has in store: it promises to be full of hope and good things. In 2014 I got to realize a few dreams of mine, and some of my career goals were achieved as well. I feel blessed. On the writing side,...


I Heart Swag YA/NA Giveaway Hop

  Thanks to Kelsey Ketch for organizing this imaginative giveaway. If you love swag, follow the hop: many goodies ahead. My prize pack is all related to magic: swag from the novel WICKED SENSE, the first book in the Singularity series. WICKED SENSE: Winner, 2012 Sandy Literary Contest –...


How to Write Your Own Oscar Acceptance Speech

The Oscars™ fascinate me. I’ve been watching the telecasts (sometimes, hate-watching it) for many, many years. What can I say? I love seeing millionaires congratulate one another. If you’re a cinephile like me, you’re probably frustrated like me, since The Academy™ seems to get it wrong most of the time. Sometimes it...


Begin the New Year with Books and Movies!

Welcome, blog hoppers, to the 2013 New Year’s Blog Hop, brought to you by Indie Writers Unite.  The hop runs January 11-14.  All you have to do to win is TWEET (see how to do it HERE). Here are the four grand prizes (to see the other prizes, click HERE): PRIZE 1...

Downton Abbey

5 Addictive TV Series

Wonder Wife and I were curious about all the “Downton Abbey” talk, and we decided to give it a try. Why, oh, why did we do that? The series is seriously addictive. Have you ever finished an episode of a series and said to yourself or to someone watching with...


Who is the Best Archer?

As a fan of action movies, fantasy and role-playing games, I pay a lot of attention to adventurers and their weapons. Some prefer the catharsis of bashing a villain with a mace, and others pin for an old-fashioned sword fight. Bows remain my preference. I’ve even tried to take archery...


Trailers For Movies We’d Like To See

One of these trailers is for a failed pilot episode; the other two are fake. First: Thundercats Second: Aquaman (failed pilot) Third: Tetris Would you watch any of these movies? They don’t look more ludicrous than the Battleship trailer  Do you have a favorite cartoon, game, hero, or book...

Love Actually

Romantic Comedy Movie Generator

Get ready for a double dose of romance! Today, I’m over at Myndi’s blog talking about my favorite Romantic Comedy movie. I also share a formula for most movies of the genre. I am a fan of Romantic Comedies, but even I can’t deny there’s a blueprint for making them. If you enjoy...


The Best Action Movie You Haven’t Watched Yet

After seeing “The Avengers,” I was satisfied and impressed. However, I thought it could have been even… bigger. Maybe they were saving a true epic story for part two, like so many other adventure movies. I loved the action scenes, and they reminded me of an unheralded epic movie....